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About the Course

Foundation Level 1 Reformer Pilates Instructor Course

Are you already a Pilates Matwork teacher? Maybe you're a Physiotherapist, a L4 Massage Therapist or some other manual therapist that is looking to add the Reformer machine to your repertoire of skills. Joseph Pilate's invention - The Reformer Pilates Machine - makes Pilates accessible to all your patients and clients who can not get up and down off the floor. It is a resistance machine favoured by celebrities across the world but more importantly than this - it has shorter recovery time for patients with back problems, recovering from operations and does help to strengthen & stabilise joints and the core of the body. 

What you will learn

  • The origins of Joseph Pilates Reformer Apparatus

  • Adaptations of Joseph's original exercises

  • Setting up the Reformer for your clients

  • Programming Reformer sessions

  • Teaching Reformer Classes

How you will learn

  • 2 days face-to-face teaching

  • Take home manual

How you will be assessed

  • Practical demonstrations

  • Multiple choice questions

  • Case studies


26th & 27th April 2024

12th & 13th September 2024



Your Instructor

Nicci Rowlands

Nicci Rowlands

Nicci Rowlands - Master Trainer & Lead Tutor

Following a back injury, the Director of PilatEASE Training Academy Nicci Rowlands, ended up with a bulging disc, sciatica along with hip, leg and knee pain. This led Nicci down the path of specialising in Pilates for therapy and wellness. Qualifying as a Pilates Reformer Trainer changed Nicci’s whole way of training. Back Care Pilates and Pilates for Wellness are her absolute passion. After realising there was a regional shortage of UK accredited Pilates Teachers Nicci embarked on the journey of becoming an Active IQ Training Centre to deliver the ONLY accredited training in Pilates - the Level 3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork. She went on to write her own endorsed CPD course in Reformer Pilates. Her passion to have the most confident Pilates Teachers graduating from the PilatEASE Training Academy and learning for life with all the continuous professional development, workshops and discussion groups available to all her students.

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